Isle of Sheppey cycle routes update

Spokes recently received the following update regarding the Isle of Sheppey cycle routes:

On 26th July 2010 construction of a brand new 9km circular cycle route around Sheerness started (see map).

An initial six week work program began with links from St Edwards School, Rose Street School & Seashells Childrens’ Centre, Richmond Primary School, West Minster Primary School and the Isle of Sheppey Academy (Sheerness campus) to the main circuit around Sheerness.

Planning permission was granted in October 2010, work will soon begin to construct the cycle path along Queenborough Lines (known locally as the ‘Canal Bank’). This will include building a Toucan crossing at Halfway Road. The finishing touches of line markings and signing will bring the constructions phase to a close in March 2011, with a grand launch later in 2011.

A second circuit route is also being built linking Leysdown-on-Sea to the Isle of Harty, with an additional circular route around Harty (see map). Construction of this 9.5km route is due to commence in the autumn of 2010 and completion due in the following spring with signage and line markings.

These routes will be both functional and recreational routes, benefitting locals and tourists alike. They will not only provide an outlet for exercise and recreation, but will support tourism and local businesses in a sustainable manner. The Leysdown-on-Sea route takes in many attractions including Swale National Nature Reserve, the RSPB Capel Fleet RaptorViewing Point, Harty Church, the Ferry Inn and Muswell Manor.  The Sheerness route makes the most of the coastline and heritage attractions such as Queenborough Lines.

The projects also aim to attract new visitors, including families looking for safe cycling.  The routes will provide an opportunity for businesses to use this new product in their marketing and could present new business opportunities, for example bike hire.

We’re pleased to hear that good progress is being made and that construction will begin shortly. The route at Sheerness will benefit many schools and residents for their day-to-day journeys. The route linking Leysdown-on-Sea and Harty will provide a great leisure amenity in a highly scenic setting.

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